Talking about JUnit 5 at JUG Nuremberg

After three years without any new JUnit version, a few weeks back on September 10th a new version of JUnit has been published: JUnit 5! While there were only minor upgrades to the popular testing library over the last couple of years, this was a big release that the JUnit team has been working on since summer 2015. I had been following the development from the start and since a completely reworked architecture and lots of new features were to be expected, last year I decided to create a presentation on the topic.

Kotlin and Spring: Working with JPA and data classes

I’ve been looking at Kotlin for a while now and since Spring will support Kotlin as a first class language from version 5 onward I wanted to see how they currently work together.
Being a Java programmer you’re probably familiar with the Java Persistence API: it is used to map database contents to objects. There are different implementations for JPA, the most widely known being Hibernate…