Talking about JUnit 5 at JUG Nuremberg

After three years without any new JUnit version, a few weeks back on September 10th a new version of JUnit has been published: JUnit 5! While there were only minor upgrades to the popular testing library over the last couple of years, this was a big release that the JUnit team has been working on since summer 2015. I had been following the development from the start and since a completely reworked architecture and lots of new features were to be expected, last year I decided to create a presentation on the topic.

Software Engineering Camp 2016

A few days have passed since last weekend’s Software Engineering Camp and I had some time to collect thoughts and reflect. I looked up when I first heard about this event and I traced it back to end of July. Ever since then, I was looking forward to it. I visited many other events and meetups in the meantime, ranging from the local monthly Softwerkskammer and Java Usergroup gatherings to Devops Camp in Nuremberg and Socrates Day in Linz, both in October. I only moved to Nuremberg…