Talking about JUnit 5 at JUG Nuremberg

After three years without any new JUnit version, a few weeks back on September 10th a new version of JUnit has been published: JUnit 5! While there were only minor upgrades to the popular testing library over the last couple of years, this was a big release that the JUnit team has been working on since summer 2015. I had been following the development from the start and since a completely reworked architecture and lots of new features were to be expected, last year I decided to create a presentation on the topic.

Using Lombok’s @Builder annotation with default values

When writing Java, I’m a big fan of Lombok, a library that helps reduce boilerplate code through code-generation. I’ve written about it in the past, if you’re not familiar with it, checkout my previous posts here and here. Recently I’ve been confronted with the problem of providing defaults for generated Builder-classes generated by the @Builder …